Video Library

Over the years I have produced, directed, edited, and or wrote videos on topics ranging from Archeology to Zoo Sleuths. Highlights are listed below:

The Wild West
This rare film style shoot of the old west was located in a ghost town outside of Barstow. Using extras from a wild west stunt show I produced, wrote and edited this fun piece that pays tribute to the spaghetti westerns of the seventies.  

  The Mammoth Geothermal Power plant converts heat to electricity by harnessing the power of steam created in the volcanic active mountains of Southern California. TEAMS Science develops the theme of energy through the exploration of electricity, so a visit to Mammoth presented the opportunity to show a real world example of science concepts explored in the classroom.
Geothermal Energy
OCN The YouTube Video below shows me directing a "Live" newscast in 2006 during the dark days of "El Ninio." As director I would operate the remote studio cameras, switch, cue the talent and microwave truck and coordinate the video feeds, and graphics. I was also on duty the night that Princess Diana died.  
  TEAMS Distance Learning is a Star Schools program of the US Department of Education. It reaches over 100,000 students in 20 states through direct student instruction transmitted via satellite.
Teams Distance Learning

Sea World
The Sea World education department strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative and stimulating atmosphere to help students reach their potential. TEAMS Math introduced scale and proportion through activities that compared the size weight and eating habits of the animals within the collection.  

  Long Beach State had an outstanding basketball program in the mid-ninties under coach Seth Greenberg. Among the players currently in the NBA from that team are, Bryon Russell (Utah, Washington) Lucious Harris (Philadelphia) and Juaquin Hawkins (Houston)
Juaquin Hawkins

Gang Prevention The Los Angeles County Office of Education contracted me to produce a Gangs Prevention Video to be aired on the Lakewood Living Channel. Hispanic actor Tony Planta was the host and for most of the shoot I got to play cops and robbers with real cops and fake robbers.  

This segment of a commercial farm was produced to provide a real world example of an experiment that students conducted using Wisconsin Fast plants.
I wrote and performed the opening music.

Fast Plants, TEAMS Science

Getty Museum,
Malibu CA
The J. Paul Getty Museum has rarely let video crews inside their Malibu compound but the prospect of showcasing their facility, a recreation of a Roman Villa, appealed to the board of directors. This clip features the math concept of symmetry. Because the Romans felt strongly about symmetry in architecture the Getty offered many examples of that design principle.  
  Teams Science's Weather module examined how wind currents are formed and their effects on weather. To help understand these invisible forces we taped this session in the Mohave dessert.
Gliding in the Mojave

Boss Studios,
Santa Monica CA
A legendary visual effects shop that created some of the best pre-digital effects films of the eighties. Academy Award nominations for DIE HARD, POLTERGEIST and GHOSTBUSTERS.  
  "Digging History" was a series designed for middle school students which featured a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching history through an archeological digging project. Dwight Derby House
Medford, MA

Biosphere II
Biosphere 2 was constructed with the mission of discovering if life could be sustained in outer space. This "closed system," contains 4 separate biomes: ocean, rainforest, agroforestry, and desert-savannah and has become an excellent resource for studying how global climate change may affect life on Earth.  
  The OCMI "living history" program is a hands-on attempt to make history come alive. Pilgrim characters immerse participants in the harsh world of Henry Dana's book, "Two Years Before the Mast," to learn history, teamwork, and to consider how they can apply lessons from the past to the world of tomorrow.
Living History

San Diego Wild Animal Park
This 2000 acre sanctuary features animals roaming freely in a setting similar to their native homelands. Herds of antelope, gazelles, rhinoceros and almost 3,000 other birds and mammals exhibit a striking recreation of life in the wild. The Wild Animal Park is a sanctuary for 41 endangered species, most of which have been successfully bread and reintroduced into the wild.  
  Zoo Sleuth was produced for MCET and was filmed at the Franklin County Zoo. Students had to solve a mystery using clues and science experiments taught in class.
Zoo Sleuth

Indian Affairs
"Writing History In" was a series for high school girls that examined the roll of women in history. Maria Falcone works at the Office of Indian Affairs in Boston and agreed to this interview which discusses the role of women in indian society.