Web Design Library

The Case Analysis Coach was created for Harvard Business Publishing to help students new to the case method to become familiar with the process. The "case method" is an approach to learning that encourages students to extract useful lessons from descriptions of the experiences of others ("cases"). Students study accounts of specific events in order to discover general principles that they can apply in other situations

As the lead instructional designer I was responsible for the initial research and converting the copy of author Robert D. Austin, Professor, Management of Creativity and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School into a workable web layout.

The Superintendent's Academy was created for the University of Massachusetts, Boston to promote a Technology Enhancement Competitive Grant that I managed. I produced the site and was responsible for the design, content development and monthly revisions. Singwhale Studios was hired as the art director.

The most interesting and challenging feature is located under the resources tab called the Web Survival Guide. It uses php scripting to allow visitors to submit their favorite websites and to rate existing submissions. It also allows users to sort the sites based upon their personal preferences.

Moving Beyond the Classroom with Executive Education

In late April of 2002, The Adult Learning Workshop was held at Harvard Business School. The focus was to examine some of the dilemmas in the current state of online adult education. Underlying the entire workshop was a central question, "To what extent is the face-to-face classroom experience, the "gold standard" for online programs?"

My responsibility was to videotape the workshop and to assist in the sorting and assembling of information. Attendees included the nations leading researchers and practioners of online learning and their findings have had a major impact upon my practices.

Testing the Limits was created for the Harvard Astrophysics Department which funds SportsSmarts. Their goal is to use sports as an introduction to science and they act as consultants on WBZ's coverage of the Boston Marathon for which this companion page was made.

I acted as the project director and worked closely with WBZ-TV, SportsSmarts and FitSense to coordinate this site. I was also the graphics designer responsible for the layout, and writer on the Science of Running "Bounce" section.

I created three Flash animations that visually demonstrate key concepts which were designed to help viewers connect the readings to real world examples.

EagleEyesMusic.com is a website I created in 2010 for the band I play in. I like the use of Wimpy player which allow for the streaming of our music.

What is especially nice is that the player and setup works nicely on my cell phone. I used frames to divide the site in half and the top frame fits nicely into most hand-held devices. I use the droid OS and have no problems.