MA Department of Education

From 2007 -2009 I was the MassONE Analyst/Trainers who's primary responsibility was to train educators and Department of Education staff in the use of MassONE and to gather useful information from users on how best to use MassONE. As such I visited over 50 districts in the commonwealth conducting after school professional development workshops for teachers and administrators. see MassOne Training Flowchart

As the project manager for the Title IID Technology Competitive Grants I was responsible for the design and implementation of online courses working collaboratively with Virtual High School, CAST, and the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association.

  • Phase one (PTPD)required the creation of a template using basic HTML to approximate the look and feel being offered in Blackbaord.
  • Phase two (POPD) required that I initiate a statewide implementation of the Moodle learning management system. Challenges included syncing the registration process to our existing database and learning the Moodle system administration functions.

Partnership for Technology Professional Development

The Partnership for Technology Professional Development (PTPD) was a 15-month federal grant program offered in 2006-2007. It was designed to support districts across the state in working collaboratively with three service providers (Virtual High Schools, CAST, and the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association) to provide high-quality technology professional development using MassONE and/or in the use of MassONE, the state's online learning system.

  • Universal Design for Learning; Building on CAST’s three principles of UDL—that multiple representations of information, multiple means of expression, and multiple means of engagement greatly enhance student achievement.
  • School wide Behavior Support will cover the scope and sequence of school-wide positive behavior supports that are the foundation for understanding and applying this pro-active systems approach for helping school professionals in increasing appropriate student social and academic behaviors.
  • Leadership for the 21st Century: Teaching, Learning, and Technology This course will help school and district administrators provide effective leadership and make informed decisions regarding technology.
  • Principles of Curriculum Design We will investigate how the use of curriculum mapping helps you make informed curriculum decisions based on school/district initiatives, local and state frameworks, available resources, and students needs.

Partnership for Online Professional Development

The Partnership for Online Professional Development (POPD) was a 16-month, grant-funded pilot program designed to improve teaching practices, promote student learning, and provide capacity-building solutions through the use MassONE and other innovative practices. Courses were taught using Moodle, an open-source course management system. Complete description & Final Report

Scope of Duties:

    • Plans and conducted professional development activities for administrators, teachers, and school support staff including face-to-face and online events, workshops, institutes and courses.
    • Promotes the effective use of the MassONE in school systems, and helps generate interest and motivate stakeholders to adopt MassONE in their daily work life.
    • Writes/maintains user documents, help pages, web pages, promotional and training materials and internal documents
    • Maintains weekly and monthly training schedules and an outreach database of school district contacts
    • Provides support to the Department of Education staff in the effective use of MassONE in their daily work
    • Works closely with MassONE users to translate their needs into user-requirement documents in order for MassONE developers to develop/modify tools in MassONE, particularly the curriculum tools
    • Analyzes the effectiveness of existing tools in the system and makes subsequent written recommendations to system developers.
    • Serves as a liaison between the technical staff and end users.